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Through two signature STEM programs—the Progressive Science Initiative® (PSI®) for teaching, K-12 science and the Progressive Mathematics Initiative® (PMI®) for teaching K-12 mathematics—CTL offers a modern, inclusive teaching approach.

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Today, CTL is the No. 1 producer of physics teachers in the U.S. and a major creator of chemistry teachers. More than 1,500 certified mathematics and science teachers have been trained to teach PSI and PMI, and CTL programs are "on the ground" in 218 schools in the U.S., Argentina and West Africa. This new pool of STEM teachers is atypically racially and gender diverse and can serve in a role model capacity for students.

CTL has introduced a groundbreaking new pedagogy to empower teachers to lead the transformation of education. The goal is nothing less than to equip all students to actively contribute to a powerful future.

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